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Digital repository



Freeware Tools and Utilities


Chem Axon

Chemistry Freeware


Periodic table of elements

EniG. Periodic Table of the Elements

Chemical drawing and graphics software

ACD/ChemSketch 12 Freeware

Molegro Molecular Viewer


Symyx Draw Standalone

Chemical structure databases




Chemical Structure Lookup Service (CSLS): a database locator service


Query Chem

Chemical reaction database

Chemical Thesaurus

Physical Properties, Spectra, Crystallography

NIST Chemistry WebBook (US National Institute for Standards and Technology)

Atomic Reference data for Electronic Structure Calculations (US National Institute for Standards and Technology)

NDRL/NIST Solution Kinetics Database on the Web (US National Institute for Standards and Technology)

IUPAC-NIST Solubility Database (Data compiled and evaluated by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry)

The Physical Properties Database (PHYSPROP) (Syracuse Research Corporation)

BindingDB; The Binding Database (University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute)

SOLV-DB (Solvents data from the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences)

Infotherm Thermophysical Properties Database (FIZ Chemie Berlin)

Joint Expert Speciation System, JESS (Tool for tool for thermodynamic and kinetic modeling of chemical speciation in complex aqueous environments)

PDSP Ki Database

Chemical Kinetics Database on the Web (data on gas phase reactions from the US National Institute for Standards and Technology)

Spectral Database for Organic Compounds, SDBS (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan)


SUGABASE, carbohydrate NMR database

Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank, BioMagResBank, BMRB

SPECARB, Raman spectra of carbohydates

EUROSPEC, International Spectroscopic Database

I-ChemiSt - Mass spec and NMR databases

Proton NMR Spectra of Xyloglucans [about]

American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database

Biological Macromolecule Crystallization Database

Indiana University Molecular Structure Center

Crystallography Open Database, COD

Image processing software


(Mutterer, J., Zinck, E., 2013. Quick-and-clean article figures with FigureJ. Journal of Microscopy 252, 8991. (

Lab actitivity simulators

Virtual library


The Royal Society of Chemistry's True Type Font


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