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Dr. Lidija T. Mančić
Lidija Mancic





Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Lidija Mancic was born on August 18, 1968 in Zajecar, Serbia. She received BSc and MSc degrees at Belgrade University, Technical faculty in Bor – Inorganic Chemistry department, and DSc in Material Science at Belgrade University, Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies, University in Belgrade (thesis: Conducted synthesis of nanostructured oxide powders from the viewpoint of production of materials with predicted properties, 2004). Since 2006, she works occasionally at Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro within the framework of her post-doc tenure on 1D nanomaterial synthesis. She is the coordinator of the scientific reserachs defined by the Cultural, Education and Scientific Agreement signed between the Faculdades Catolicas (Brazil) and the Institute of Technical Sciences SASA. In 2009, she was elected Senior Research Associate. In 2014, she was elected a Principal Research Fellow.

The main field of her scientific work is related to synthesis of advanced materials in the form of ultra-dispersed and nano powders, as well as production of thin films via ultrasonic and twin-fluid spray pyrolysis, electro-spray atomization, Pyrosol processes, hydrothermal synthesis and intercalation/exfoliation processes. Her research activities are focused on the synthesis of various oxide materials (superconductors, semiconductors, sensors, phosphors and catalysts) towards obtaining aggregate-free 1D and 3D nanomaterials with improved functional properties. The research is based on establishing the synthesis–structure–properties relationship and complex investigation of precursor solution chemistry, particle nucleation and crystal growth during heterogeneous gas/liquid/solid reactions, heat and mass transport and fundamental processes analysis.

She is a Technical Committee member for Nanotechnologies, at the Serbian Institute for Standardisation.

Lidija Mančić is a reviewer for the Materials Research Bulletin, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Physica C, Material Chemistry and Physics, Journal of Electroceramics and Journal of the European Ceramic Society, Journal of Nanoparticle Research, International Journal of Material Research, Journal of Alloys and Compounds and Hemijska industrija.


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