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16. september 2016.



Serbia, Belgrade, September 21–23, 2016

Conference program (PDF) 

Dear Colleagues,

We have great pleasure to welcome you to the Advanced Ceramic and Application Conference V organized by the Serbian Ceramic Society in cooperation with the Institute for Testing of Materials, Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA, Institute of Chemistry Technology and Metallurgy, Institute for Technology of Nuclear and Other Raw Mineral Materials and School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of Applied Studies.

Advanced Ceramics today include many old-known ceramic materials produced through newly available processing techniques as well as broad range of the innovative compounds and composites, particularly with plastics and metals. Such developed new materials with improved performances already bring a new quality in the everyday life. The chosen Conference topics cover contributions from a fundamental theoretical research in advanced ceramics, computer-aided design and modeling of a new ceramics products, manufacturing of nanoceramic devices, developing of multifunctional ceramic processing routes, etc.

Traditionally, ACA Conferences gather leading researchers, engineers, specialist, professors and PhD students trying to emphasizes the key achievements which will enable the wide speared use of the advanced ceramics products in High-Tech industry, renewable energy utilization, environmental efficiency, security, space technology, cultural heritage, prosthesis, etc.

Serbian Ceramic Society has been initiated in 1995/1996 and fully registered in 1997 as Yugoslav Ceramic Society, being strongly supported by American Ceramic Society. Since 2009, it has continued as Serbian Ceramic Society in accordance to the Serbian law procedure. Serbian Ceramic Society is almost the only one Ceramic Society in the South-East Europe, with members from more than 20 Institutes and Universities, active in 16 sessions, by program and the frames which are defined by the American Ceramic Society activities.

Advanced Ceramic & Application V is dedicated to Academician Momčilo Ristić.

General Conference Topics
• Basic Ceramics Science
• Nanostructural, Bio- and Opto-Ceramic Materials and Technologies
• Multifunctional Materials
• Magnetic and Amorphous Materials
• Construction Materials and Eco-ceramics
• Composite Materials, Catalysis and Electrocatalysis
• Artistic Ceramics and Design, Archaeology and Heritage
• Young Researchers
• Sintering processes (kinetics, microstructure, thermodynamics, modeling)

Conference Co-chairmen:
Prof. Dr. Vojislav Mitić SRB
Prof. Dr. Olivera Milošević SRB
Prof. Dr. Marcel Van de Voorde EU
Prof. Dr. Rainer Gadow GER

Conference Program Chairs:
Dr. Lidija Mančić SRB
Dr. Nina Obradović SRB

Venue: Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Great Hall (second floor) and Hall 2 (first floor), Knez Mihailova 35, Belgrade, Serbia.

Additional Conference information
Phone: +381-11-2027247 or 2185-437 or 2637-239, E-mail: nina.obradovic@itn.sanu.ac.rs



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