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Dr. Olivera B . Milošević

Dr Olivera Milosevic


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Dr. Olivera B. Milosevic, Research professor at the Institute of Technical Sciences of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ITS SASA), Belgrade, Serbia, was born on 1955. in Belgrade (Serbia). She graduated Chemical engineering at the Faculty for Technology and Metallurgy, Belgrade University and from the same University she received her Master Science and Doctor Science degrees in Materials Science. Since 1982 she has worked for ITS SASA on the advanced materials processing and characterization with particular emphasis in research and development of nanophased functional materials. The significance of her researches is confirmed with more than 200 scientific papers in relevant scientific journals and presentations at the International Conferences. Her results have been cited more than 600 times in scientific literature. Most of her work she delivered either as plenary or invited lectures at Hiroshima University, Japan, Konan University, Kobe, Japan, Japan Fine Ceramic Center, Nagoya, Japan, Microcoating Technology, USA, Beijing Normal University, China, “Jozef Stefan” Institute, Slovenia, Osaka University, Japan etc. She is awarder of the Japanese Science and Technology Agency Fellowship in 1999, as well as the fellowship of  Japanese Society  for the Promotion of Science, 2011/2012 when she joined Japan Fine Ceramic Center, Nagoya and Osaka University, Japan, respectively. She participated as a Visiting Professor at the University Carlos III, Madrid, Spain, Department for Materials Science and Engineering, in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2005/2006 and is awarder of a one year Sabbatical grant from the Ministry of Science and Education, Madrid, Spain. She is approved by the Governing Board of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid as a holder of a “Catedra de Excelentia” for six months through the program “UNIVERSIDAD CARLOS III DE MADRID-BANCO DE SANTANDER” for 2010/2011. She currently leads the research activities focused to the innovative processing methods for one- and three-dimensional nanoscaled functional materials and has participated in the realization of a number of domestic and international program and projects, particularly with Spain, Japan, Germany and Brasil. She is a teacher at post-graduate studies at Belgrade University, and Editor and a reviewer for several peer reviewed journals in the area of Material Science. She has participated in a number of Conference organization, including EUROMAT 2013 where she was a Symposium co-Organiser.


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