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Mission and Vision


Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA is a renown scientific institution locally and worldwide, established in 1947 to perform scientific and research work in the field of technical, technological and natural sciences, to instigate their development and promote basic and applied research within them and, in cooperation with public economy or independently, realize the application of its achievements.


Vision of the Institute

  • to become internationally recognizable in the field of study and application of the wide spectrum of frontier technologies,
  • to develop innovative technologies through high-quality research and to transfer them to the industrial sector,
  • to develop new models that integrate research, education and innovation in the sphere of academic and industrial research,
  • to support and instigate possibilities for regular and post-graduate studies,
  • to serve as an incubator for companies' creation, using research generated in the Institute,
  • to promote high technologies on the national and international level.




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