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18. jun 2009.


Selected papers of the YUCOMAT 2008 Conference published in Acta Physica Polonica A


Twenty papers presented at the Tenth Annual YUCOMAT 2008 Conference were published in a special issue of Acta Physica Polonica A (Vol. 115, No. 4, April 2009: Selected Papers Presented at the Tenth Annual Conference of the Materials Research Society of Serbia, YUCOMAT 2008, Herceg Novi, Montenegro, September 8-12, 2008). They include:

On the Role of Radicals in Kinetics of Plasma Etchers in Ar/CF4 Mixtures
Ž. Nikitović, V. Stojanović and Z.Lj. Petrović  page 765  abstract   Full Text PDF

Electron and Hole States in Closed Spherical Quantum Dot with Linearly Graded Composition
R. Kostić and D. Stojanović  page 768  abstract   Full Text PDF

Characterization of La-Doped TiO2 Nanopowders by Raman Spectroscopy
M. Šćepanović, S. Aškrabić, V. Berec, A. Golubović, Z. Dohčević-Mitrović, A. Kremenović and Z.V. Popović  page 771  abstract   Full Text PDF

Kinetics of Non-Radiative Rotational Isomer Butane Transitions
G. Keković, D. Raković and D.M. Davidović  page 775  abstract   Full Text PDF

Phonon Contribution in Thermodynamics of Nano-Crystalline Films and Wires
J.P. Šetrajčić, D.Lj. Mirjanić, S.M. Vučenović, D.I. Ilić, B. Markoski, S.K. Jaćimovski, V.D. Sajfert and V.M. Zorić  page 778  abstract   Full Text PDF

Interatomic Pair Interaction in Liquid Transition Metals
N.E. Dubinin  page 783  abstract   Full Text PDF

Analytical Solution for a Problem of Directional Solidification in a Ternary System
D.V. Alexandrov and A.A. Ivanov  page 786  abstract   Full Text PDF

Mushy Layer Formation during Solidification of Binary Alloys from a Cooled Wall: the Role of Boundary Conditions
I.V. Alexandrova, D.V. Alexandrov, D.L. Aseev and S.V. Bulitcheva  page 791  abstract   Full Text PDF

Self-Similar Solidification of Binary Alloys
D.V. Alexandrov, A.A. Ivanov and A.P. Malygin  page 795  abstract   Full Text PDF

The Characterization of Defects in Multi-Layered Composite Materials by Thermal Tomography Methods
W. Swiderski  page 800  abstract   Full Text PDF

Optical and Magnetic Properties of PbTe(Ni)
N. Romčević, J. Trajić, M. Romčević, D. Stojanović, T.A. Kuznetsova, D.R. Khokhlov, W. Dobrowolski, R. Rudolf and I. Anžel  page 805  abstract   Full Text PDF

Characterization of Barium Titanate Ceramic Powders by Raman Spectroscopy
Z. Lazarević, N. Romčević, M. Vijatović, N. Paunović, M. Romčević, B. Stojanović and Z. Dohčević-Mitrović  page 808  abstract   Full Text PDF

Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Al,Fe-Pillared Clays
P. Banković, A. Milutinović-Nikolić, N. Jović-Jovičić, J. Dostanić, Ž. Čupić, D. Lončarević and D. Jovanović  page 811  abstract   Full Text PDF

Characterization of X-Ray Diamond Detector by Monte Carlo Method
S.J. Stankovic, R.D. Ilic, D.M. Davidovic and M. Petrovic  page 816  abstract   Full Text PDF

Radiation Absorption Characteristics of Titanium Alloys
S.J. Stankovic, R.D. Ilic, D.M. Davidovic, M. Petrovic, S. Tadic and M. Kovacevic  page 820  abstract   Full Text PDF

Ruby Laser Interaction with Austenite Structural Materials
A. Milosavljević, S. Petronić, M. Srećković, S. Ristić, I. Nešić, R. Pljakić and V. Negovanović  page 823  abstract   Full Text PDF

Influence of Physical Characteristics of Flat Aluminum Concentrators on Energy Efficiency of PV/Thermal Collector
Lj. Kostic, T. Pavlovic and Z. Pavlovic  page 827  abstract   Full Text PDF

Time Delay in Thin Dielectric Slabs with Saturable Nonlinearity
P.P. Beličev, I. Ilić, J. Radovanović, V. Milanović and Lj. Hadžievski  page 834  abstract   Full Text PDF

A Method for the Spectroscopic Diagnostic of the Peculiarities of Materials Using the Semi-Auger Effect
A.R. Tancic, M. Kutin and M. Davidovic  page 838  abstract   Full Text PDF

Polyester and Polyesterimide Compounds with Nanofillers for Impregnating of Electrical Motors
B. Gornicka and E. Prociow  page 842  abstract   Full Text PDF

The journal is published by the Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physics and has an impact factor of 0.340. The issue was edited by Guest Editors Dragan P. Uskoković and Nebojša Romčević. A brief overview of the conference and the list of the invited speakers were given in the Preface to the issue.

Another 31 papers presented at the YUCOMAT 2008 Conference are to be published in journal Materials and Manufacturing Processes.

Selected papers of the YUCOMAT 2009 Conference, to be hled in Herceg Novi between August 31 and September 4, 2009, will be published in Acta Physica Polonica A, as well as in several other journals included in Science Citation Index. Detailed information will be soon available on the website of the Materials Research Society of Serbia.



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