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    Mission and Vision

    75th anniversary of ITS SASA (1947-2022)
    75th anniversary of ITS SASA (1947-2022)
    75th anniversary of ITS SASA (1947-2022)
    75th anniversary of ITS SASA (1947-2022)
    75th anniversary of ITS SASA (1947-2022)


    The mission of ITS SASA is to encourage and promote fundamental and applied research in those areas of engineering and natural sciences that focus on the development of multifunctional nanostructured materials, biomaterials, sensor systems and photovoltaic power sources.

    The aim of the research conducted at ITS SASA is to develop innovative technologies that can be applied in the industry and society, and to promote high technologies nationally and internationally.

    The activities of ITS SASA rest upon high academic and ethical values, the principles of Open Science, and social responsibility.

    The vision of the Institute is to:

    • to become internationally recognizable in the field of study and application of the wide spectrum of frontier technologies,
    • to develop innovative technologies through high-quality research and to transfer them to the industrial sector,
    • to develop new models that integrate research, education and innovation in the sphere of academic and industrial research,
    • to contribute to the development of academic studies and young-career researchers,
    • to serve as an incubator for start-ups, using research generated at the Institute,
    • to promote advanced technologies on the national and international level.