ITS SASA was founded in 1947, in the context of an intensive industrialization and technological development in Yugoslavia, after World War II. It has undergone several transformations in terms of research topics and organizational and management structure. The transformations were mainly determined by the national reforms of the research system and the status of the industries with which the institute collaborated.

The research had been largely limited to the area of mechanical engineering until the late 1960 and the early 1970s, when the institute was reorganized to cover all areas of engineering (mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, aerodynamic research, civil engineering, technology and metallurgy, autonomous electric vehicles, and industrialized housing). Since the mid-1970s, a distinct orientation towards multidisciplinary research into advanced materials and technologies – from electronic, electrochemical, through optical and catalytic, to biomaterials and pharmaceutical materials – has gained prominence. The research into housing construction and shipbuilding was discontinued in the mid-1980s and after 2000, respectively.

1947–1954 – an institute within the Serbian Academy of Sciences (SAS) funded from the SAS budget;

1954–1958 – an independently funded organization, but SAS still had founding rights;

1958–1961 – an independently funded research organization; SASA had founding rights;

1961–1968 – independent research organization operating as a business organization; SASA did not have founding rights;

1968 – SASA took over the founding rights; the institute operates as an independent research organization.

The Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA is accredited according to Article 31, paragraph 2 of the Law on SASA (Official Gazette 18/2010 of March 23, 2010). Between 2002 and 2019, the organization of research and administration activities was significantly determined by the research finding system (project funding) in Serbia.





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