Visit of Dr. Vladana Vukojević

Dr. Vladana Vukojević, Associate Professor of Karolinska Institute, Department of Clinical Neuroscience - Center for Molecular Medicine (Stockholm, Sweden) visited the Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA on 16 April 2024. After the visit, she gave the presentation entitled Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy - Theoretical Background and Applications in Biomedical Research.

Dr. VladanaVukojević, Associate Professor of Biochemistry at the Medical University Karolinska Institute, Stockholm (Sweden), and Visiting Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Belgrade (Serbia), is an internationally recognized academic researcher and educator. Her interdisciplinary research at the interface between biophysical chemistry, optics/photonics, cell biology and molecular medicine, comprises experimental and theoretical approaches.

presentation announcement

The lecture focused on Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS), a time-resolved quantitative analytical method with single-molecule sensitivity, and its application in biomedical research for non-destructive characterization of molecular concentration, size, and interactions in solution and in live cells. A brief presentation of the theoretical background underlying the FCS method was given. Thereafter, two examples of FCS application were presented: in basic studies and in translational research. Finally, further developing the FCS method was discussed.