Sara Lukač



Fields of research

B 001 General biomedical sciences

T 152 Composite materials

T 390 Polymer technology, biopolymers

T 410 Pharmaceuticals and related technologies

T 490 Biotechnology

P 400 Physical chemistry


Biography and education

Born in 1997, in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • PhD student at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Physical Chemistry since October 2023
  • Master of Science, 2023, University of Belgrade - Faculty of Physical Chemistry
    Title: Comparison of cytotoxicity effects of free and liposome-associated avarol
  • Bachelor of Science, 2022, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Physical Chemistry
    Title:  Advanced EPRI analysis of mouse inflammation models using MATLAB


Research and academic titles

2023-present: Junior Research Assistant

Employed in the Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA since February 1, 2024.


Research areas

The expertise of Sara Lukač is in the fields of materials science, nanotechnology, nanomaterials, biomaterials, polymeric materials, and controlled drug delivery. Her research is especially focused on the synthesis and characterization of biocompatible micro and nanoparticles (micro-and nanospheres without and with encapsulated medicament) that have application in controlled drug delivery, tissue engineering, nanomedicine, and diagnostics.

Keywords: controlled drug delivery, nanomaterial, biomaterials, material characterization


Professional development

Graduate internship at Institute for technology of nuclear and other mineral raw materials/ITNMS (March-April 2023)