Dr. Lana Popović Maneski


Fields of research

Т 115 Medical technology

Т121 Signal processing

Т125 Automation, robotics, control engineering


Biography and education

Born in 1983, in Belgrade, Serbia

  • PhD thesis: 2011. University of Belgrade – School of Electrical Engineering
    Title: System for arm tremor suppression in real-time by surface functional electrical stimulation 
  • Undergraduate studies – five-year programme: 2007. University of Belgrade – School of Electrical Engineering
    Title: Elevator sequential control with PLC Allen Bradley 11000

Employed in the Institute since 2012


Research areas

Dr. Lana Popović Maneski's research activities are oriented towards biomedical and rehabilitation engineering, primarily applications of functional electrical stimulation in patients after injuries or diseases of the central nervous system during rehabilitation or daily life.

Keywords: functional electrical stimulation, wearable sensors, biomedical signal processing


Research and academic titles

  • 2021 Senior Research Associate
  • 2015-2021 Research Associate 
  • 2011-2015 Assistant Professor at the State University of Novi Pazar, Novi Pazar, Serbia 
  • 2010-2015 Research Assistant
  • 2010-2010 Research Trainee


Support to research career development

Visiting professor
  • 2013-2015 External associate/Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade,  Biomedical Engineering module
  • 2016- External Reearch Associate at Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil
  • 2018 Visiting professor at ENS Lyon, Lyon, France
  • BSc thesis of Aleksandra Miždalo, ECG device, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, 2014 (Referee) 
  • BSc thesis of Jelena Ašković, Dialysis, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, 2014 (Referee) 
  • MSc thesis (Advisor) - Milovan Paunić, MRT and CT scanner as diagnostic devices in medicine, University of Belgrade - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, October 2015 
  • MSc thesis of Strahinja Nikolić, Apparatus for Anesthesia", University of Belgrade - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, November 2015 (Advisor)
  • MSc thesis of Lidiane Moreira Santos, Alterações motoras em cães com lesão medular submetidos à estimulação elétrica e transplante de célús-tronco, (Improvement of motor control in dogs after spinal cord injury using combined stem cell therapy and electrical stimulation) at Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil in 2016  (Co-Advisor)
  • PhD dissertation of Željko Gavrić on the topic "Human-computer interaction model based on eye movement tracking" at Faculty of Organization Sciences in Belgrade, 2017. (Referee)
  • PhD dissertation of Igor Hut, Neuro-fuzzy algorithm for obtaining optomagnetic spectral diagram of materials based on digital image and reflectance spectroscopy, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade (Referee)
  • PhD dissertation of Aleksandar Lazović, Multi-sensor system for non-invasive detection of heart failure, University of Belgrade - Biomedical Engineering and Technologies (Advisor)
  • MSc thesis of Eleonora Venderame, A Multi-Channel Rule-Based Control System for Gait Assisted by Functional Electrical Stimulation, Politecnico di Milano, 2020 (academic tutor) 
  • PhD thesis of Predrag Veličković, Aspects of human-computer interaction when using virtual reality systems with different characteristics of the virtual environment, University of Belgrade - Faculty of Organizational Sciences, 2021. (Referee) 
  • PhD thesis of Marjan Miletić, University of Belgrade - Biomedical Engineering and Technologies (Co-Advisor)


National and international projects

  • 2018-2019: French-Serbian (ITS-SASA and ENS de Lyon) collaboration under the Pavle Savić programme, MOTIMOV: Motivate motor impaired patients to move, PIs: Lana Popović-Maneski and Amine Metahni 

  • 2016-2021 COST ACTION 16116 Wearable Robots for Augmentation, Assistance or Substitution of Human Motor Functions, MC substitute, dissemination and exploitation manager 

  • 2015-2019 III44008, MPNTR Development of robot as a tool to overcome difficulties in development of children, PI: Prof Branislav Borovac

  • 2012-2015 TEMPUS HUTON  (Assisting humans with special needs: curriculum for Human-Tool interaction Network), Partner: State University of Novi Pazar, PI: Lana Popović Maneski 

  • 2008-2011 EU FP7 An ambulatori BCI-driven tremor suppression system based on functional electrical stimulation – TREMOR, partner: UNA sistemi, Belgrade.

  • 2011-2012 OI175016, MNS Effects of assistive systems in neurorehabilitation of sensory-motor systems, PI: Prof Mirjana Popović.

  • 2008-2010 ЕТ11019, MNS Development of program support for control of walking and manipulation, PI: Prof Dejan Popović.


Scholarly publishing activities


IEEE Trans. on Neural Systems & Rehabilitation Engineering, Journal of Electrical & Computer Engineering , Biomedical Signal Processing & Control, IEEE sensors, Robotics & Autonomous Systems, PLOS ONE, Artificial organs


Membership and service

Conference bodies
  • Member of the organizing scientific committee of the IFESS conference in Rovinj, September 23-24, 2021.

  • Member of the organizing committee of the Biomedvetmech conference in Zagreb, October 20-22, 2022.

Committees, councils, etc
  • Member of the committee for cooperation with the economy of ITN SANU.

  • REA-FET-OPEN evaluator for EC


Selected publications

  • Popović-Maneski, L.; Ivanović, M. D.; Atanasoski, V.; Miletić, M.; Zdolšek, S.; Bojović, B.; Hadžievski, L. Properties of Different Types of Dry Electrodes for Wearable Smart Monitoring Devices. Biomedical Engineering / Biomedizinische Technik 2020, 65 (4), 405–415. https://doi.org/10.1515/bmt-2019-0167.
  • Vendrame, E.; Popovic, D.; Ambrosini, E.; Maneski, L. P. A Rule-Based Control System for Assisting the Gait by Multichannel Functional Electrical Stimulation: Design and Proof of Concept. In Зборник радова: ETRAN & IcETRAN 2020; Academic Mind, University of Belgrade, School of Electrical Engineering, 2020; pp 227–230.
  • Popovic-Maneski, L.; Aleksic, A.; Metani, A.; Bergeron, V.; Cobeljic, R.; Popovic, D. B. Assessment of Spasticity by a Pendulum Test in SCI Patients Who Exercise FES Cycling or Receive Only Conventional Therapy. IEEE Trans. Neural Syst. Rehabil. Eng. 2018, 26 (1), 181–187. https://doi.org/10.1109/TNSRE.2017.2771466.
  • Metani, A.; Popović-Maneski, L.; Mateo, S.; Lemahieu, L.; Bergeron, V. Functional Electrical Stimulation Cycling Strategies Tested during Preparation for the First Cybathlon Competition – a Practical Report from Team ENS de Lyon. Eur J Transl Myol 2017, 27 (4). https://doi.org/10.4081/ejtm.2017.7110.
  • Popović Maneski, L.; Topalović, I.; Jovičić, N.; Dedijer, S.; Konstantinović, L.; Popović, D. B. Stimulation Map for Control of Functional Grasp Based on Multi-Channel EMG Recordings. Medical Engineering & Physics 2016, 38 (11), 1251–1259. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.medengphy.2016.06.004.
  • Maneski, L. Z. P.; Malešević, N. M.; Savić, A. M.; Keller, T.; Popović, D. B. Surface-Distributed Low-Frequency Asynchronous Stimulation Delays Fatigue of Stimulated Muscles: Delay of Stimulation-Induced Fatigue. Muscle Nerve 2013, 48 (6), 930–937. https://doi.org/10.1002/mus.23840.
  • Malešević, N. M.; Maneski, L. Z.; Ilić, V.; Jorgovanović, N.; Bijelić, G.; Keller, T.; Popović, D. B. A Multi-Pad Electrode Based Functional Electrical Stimulation System for Restoration of Grasp. J NeuroEngineering Rehabil 2012, 9 (1), 66. https://doi.org/10.1186/1743-0003-9-66.
  • Popović Maneski, L.; Jorgovanović, N.; Ilić, V.; Došen, S.; Keller, T.; Popović, M. B.; Popović, D. B. Electrical Stimulation for the Suppression of Pathological Tremor. Med Biol Eng Comput 2011, 49 (10), 1187–1193. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11517-011-0803-6.
  • Popović, L. Z.; Šekara, T. B.; Popović, M. B. Adaptive Band-Pass Filter (ABPF) for Tremor Extraction from Inertial Sensor Data. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 2010, 99 (3), 298–305. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cmpb.2010.03.018.
  • Malešević, N. M.; Popović, L. Z.; Schwirtlich, L.; Popović, D. B. Distributed Low-Frequency Functional Electrical Stimulation Delays Muscle Fatigue Compared to Conventional Stimulation: Distributed Low-Frequency FES. Muscle Nerve 2010, 42 (4), 556–562. https://doi.org/10.1002/mus.21736.



Patent A device for a selective grip force and momentum measurement, P-2012/0291 B1, applicants: Nebojša Malešević, Dejan Popović, Lana Popović Maneski; Intellectual Property Gazette 2014-1, Republic of Serbia Intellectualproperty office, ISSN 2217-9143, pp.8.