Aleksandra Stojičić


Biography and education

Born in Belgrade in 1964

  • BSc thesis (master’s equivalent): 1988, University of Belgrade - Faculty of Architecture
    Title: Exhibition Gallery at Kosancicev venac


Professional development

  • 1991 Professional Examination for Graduate Engineer of Architecture;
  • electronic certificate for the platform Central Registry of Compulsory Social Insurance (CROSO);
  • Authorized person of the Institution (OOI) for the contact between the Institute and the Ministry of Science and Technological Development and Innovation;
  • 2021 completed training and received a certificate for documentary material management and archival operations from the Archives of Serbia.


Membership and service

Conference bodies
  • Conference Secretary of YRC 2002-2021 and YUCOMAT 2003-2017
Committees, councils, etc.
  • organizer and recording secretary of the Institute’s Managing Board (2002-) and Scientific Board meetings (2011-2021)
Learned societies
  • 2002-2017 Materials Research Society of Serbia, Conference Secretary and Technical Editor of their editions (leaflets, Conferences’ Books of Abstracts, Conferences’ Proceedings of selected works, etc.) and the laurate of the Award of Appreciation for a successful longstanding collaboration and remarkable contribution to the organization of YUCOMAT conferences.